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The principle of direct lender loans is simple and enjoys an extremely good image, so go now and apply for them. Borrowers who are cut off from the financial market are provided with very small amounts of money that can be used to build up an independent economic existence. For example, microcredits are given to people in the third world – often in lending amounts of less than $ 100.

The inventor of the micro-credit business, who received the Nobel Peace Prize for the development of the model and the founding of his Graymen bank. Microfinance institutions operate in an intersection between development aid and the financial market, which they themselves have created. The allocation of microcredit is developing more and more towards a regular business.

Indian market leader KSS Financial will go public at the beginning of August. In addition to the alliance, the US investor is also involved in the company. In many countries, a veritable boom has taken place that has led to overheating. For example, in Nicaragua and Bosnia-Herzegovina, many borrowers borrowed from various providers and did not repay it, but used it for consumption. Credit bureaus such as the Credit bureau or other information systems do not exist in these countries.

The loan is on-trend:

Microcredit is on trend:

The number of microfinance institutions is increasing rapidly despite the crisis. At the end of 2008, according to information from the mixed portals, there were 1,400 providers who lent to 86 million borrowers.

Microfinance has changed in recent years:

Whereas previously non-governmental organizations were still active in the growing segment, today they are regular financial institutions that also promote deposits themselves. Many financiers have significantly changed their supply and internal structure in recent years.

Thus, the operating costs were reduced in order to be able to reduce the sometimes exorbitantly high-interest rates for end customers. In addition, the loans will now be extended in the local currency. Long-term US dollar lending could become an existential threat to borrowers as the country’s currency depreciated against the dollar.

Loans are an attractive return on investment.

Microcredits are an attractive return on investment.

The interest rates are much higher than for regular loans and the repayment rate is still very good, although there has been an increase in the number of outflows from 2 to 5 per cent.

The market continues to grow in spite of the crisis: if the volume of the microfinance segment was still estimated at $ 2 billion in 2006, it should already be $ 20 billion by 2015, according to Bank.